My interest is in developing and applying novel statistical methods to better design biological and clinical studies. Currently, I am working as a biostatistician at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. I collaborate extensively with a focus on cancer-related laboratory and clinical studies.

Previously, I was a research assistant at Weill Cornell Medicine in the Department of Population Health Sciences, where I worked primarily in breast cancer, colorectal cancer, obesity, and inflammation.

I graduated from Weill Cornell Medicine with an MS in biostatistics and data science in 2019. My full CV is available here.

* Office Hour (Thursday 2-4 pm)

My office hour is a Cancer Center sponsored core resource whose goal is to provide for, enhance, and/or facilitate statistical collaboration involving the design, conduct, analysis, or publication of biomedical research at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cancer Center. This is complimentary statistical advice only for the CSHL Cancer Center faculty, staff, and students.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out via Thank you.

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* 미국 통계학/데이터 석사 지원 & 커리어 QnA

지난 몇 년간 주변 지인분들과 유학생들에게 통계/데이터 사이언스로의 커리어 전환과 미국 유학에 대해서 많은 질문을 받아왔었고, 여러 경험들을 바탕으로 멘토링을 시작하게 되었습니다. 제 경험이 데이터 석사 유학과 현지 취업을 준비하시는 지원자 분들에게 조금이나마 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.

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