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Shiny App

The glomerular filteration rate (GFR) estimate model is available as an online tool HERE. The default setting assumes that creatinine has been determined using an isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) calibrated method.


  • Olaf Klingbeil, Damianos Skopelitis, Claudia Tonelli, Toyoki Yoshimoto, Aktan Alpsoy, Maria Panepinto, Francesca Minicozzi, Joseph Merrill, Amanda Cafiero, Disha Aggarwal, Suzanne Russo, Taehoon Ha, Osama Demerdash, David Spector, Scott Lyons, David Tuveson, Paolo Cifani, and Christopher Vakoc (2024). MARK2/MARK3 kinases are catalytic co-dependencies of YAP/TAZ in human cancer. Cancer Discovery.